Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Arbonne Mother's Day Specials!

Arbonne has some amazing specials right now for Mother's Day that I just had to share!

There are three great gifts you can get your mom, a special woman in your life (men - I'm looking at you), or yourself! They are only around for a few weeks and are limited edition so scoop them up now!

Here are the three sets:
"Glamour Mom" $104
I am soooo getting this! It comes with four eyeshadows (Snow, Ocean, Lilac and Blue Slate), 5 mini makeup brushes (with full sized heads), and a makeup case. I have seen other ladies with this case and I want it! It WILL be mine! LOL 
Each eyeshadow is regularly $26 so $104 for this set is a steal. :)

"Stylish Mom" $55
Also loving this quad - it has Moss, Suede, Chocolate and Linen from the regular shadow line. Moss is my absolute favourite Arbonne shadow! That reminds me - I should swatch and do a post soon. 

Here's a full size picture of Moss:
The final set is from the RE9 line - The RE9 Cellular Renewal Masque and the Age Defying Neck Cream...
"Timeless Mom" $103
The RE9 Cellular Renewal Masque launched in October of last year and has quickly become a favourite of everyone (including me!) that's tried it. Again, the mask is $76 retail and the neck cream is $95, so this is another really good deal. I have both already, but I may just need to get more!

So that's it. Shameless Arbonne promotion complete!

Contact me if you want to get in on this action! ;)


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  1. Great article! I am happy I found it, I never knew about some of this products! Thank you!